Manzanita Environmental, LLC
Environmental due diligence consulting:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) - ASTM E1527-21

Transaction Screen ESAs - ASTM E1528-14

Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA) - SBA SOP 50-10-6

CalTrans Initial Site Assessments (ISAs) - CalTrans SER Chapter 10

Regulatory Database Review & Summary

Peer report review / 2nd opinion

Phase II Investigations

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Responsive, knowledgeable, flexible

Over 30 years of experience

Fully insured - both General Liability and Errors & Omission

Thousands of ESAs performed on nearly every type of property imaginable, including Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, Undeveloped land, Public Facilities

We have worked on behalf of commercial lenders, developers, private party transactions, public agencies, legal review

Expert in SBA requirements

MANZANITA’s mission is to assist our clients in evaluating environmental risk through proper due diligence.

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